Ford F-150 - RAPTOR 09+ Enhanced Tow Hook - Alum (Royal Hooks) BLUE

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Our Enhanced Tow Hook was designed for the Ford Raptors and F-150s  that see extreme off road use.  Our Tow Hook needed to be enhanced over factory specifications to not only be stronger,  but more easily accessible in a recovery situation.  Our Enhanced Tow Hook sticks out further, and sits higher up than the factory Tow Hook,  allowing for un-sacrificed approach angle and easy of connecting recovery gear, such as our Royal Hooks Soft Shackles. 

Precisely made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, WORLDS strongest Aluminum Recovery/Tow Hook that replaces your smaller, harder to reach, factory Tow Hook. Designed not to only be extremely strong, durable, and easier to use, but also stand out from your typical hooks on the market.


  • Meets/Exceeds Factory Tow Hook Specifications

  • Direct Bolt-on for Raptors
  • Direct Bolt-on for most Factory F-150 OEM & Aftermarket Bumpers (Spacers available for custom fit, more specific info below)

  • Direct Bolt-On Without Modification
  • Durable Blue Powder-Coat (BL-01 - Cardinal)

  • Engineered to be fully functional while having the aesthetic designs

  • Proudly Made in the USA



Gen 1 2010 - 2014
Gen 2 2015-2021
Gen 3 2022 +

2015- 2017 (requires 5/8" Spacer Kit with Hardware available separately)
2018- 2020

 2WD NOTE: For 2wd trucks that don’t have factory hooks you need to buy 2 tow hook nut inserts Ford PN W712330-S441 and 4 Ford Tow Hook Mount Bolts W716378-S900.



Spacer Kits are available for variable height requirements for aftermarket bumpers, as not all have the clearances around the frame rail as the OEM bumper.  It is recommended you measure the height difference between the bottom of the frame rail and where your bumper line crosses to determine which spacer kit you may need. 

Available Spacer Kit Sizes:  .625" and 1.3" (most use the .625", see spacer pages for fitment we have confirmed)



Customer Installation Video: