Soft Shackle - Recovery - 7/16" x 20 inch - 34,000 lbs (Royal Hooks) RED - BLACK

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Designed to protect our Billet Shackles, Billet Hooks and any other recovery product on the market from damage during recovery. Heavy-duty synthetic rope construction and a breaking strength of 34,000 lbs. Plus they make a sweet decoration for your interior or recovery bag.

  • Manufactured using durable UHMWPE 7/16" (11mm) synthetic rope

  • Slide Loop and Knot Design for Ease of Use

  • Breaking Strength of 34,000 lbs.

  • Creates a 6" Loop when Hooked

  • Flexible

  • Fits through 1" D-Ring/Clevis Mounts

  • Abrasion Resistant Protective Sleeve to Increase Longevity

  • Stores Easily and Quietly 

  • Floats in water

  • Won't scratch paint or damage finish

  • ***Will Not Damage Billet Show Shackles/Hooks***